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Meet Diane

Passionate About Inspiring Others

"Caught in the Tiger's Mouth..."

There's a famous saying attributed to the sage Ramana Maharishi, and it is the feeling Diane has had since she was first caught by the mystic in childhood.  Nothing was ever her own - she was being led to experience, heal and transform herself, her family and be a compassionate dedicated presence in this world.  It took many forms but teaching and inspiring through co-creative processes has been the heart of her passion from a young age.


"Insightful, warm and penetrating", are words clients have used to describe their experience working with Diane.

There is nothing that is a taboo subject, and her deep observations and fantastic listening skills put clients at ease, feeling seen and heard.  Her passion for deeply exploring subjects, provides her with a broad knowledge of spiritual traditions, herbology and healing practices, rarely found in one place.  Always willing to share her knowledge, she is a gifted teacher, able to open doors and shed light on the path of life.



  • Diploma in Ayurvedic medicine

  • MA in History & Philosophy of South Asian Religion

  • PhD (ongoing) in Contemplative Science & Religion

  • Certified Yoga Teacher with Mount Madonna Institute and Nangten Menlang


  • Over 25 years experience in spiritual contemplative practice and training

  • Lifetime mentorship with Baba Hari Dass, traditional mauna yogi

  • Spiritual inquiry and apprenticeship in several traditions all over the world

You can explore Diane's academic work here

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